16. September 2020


Un tiempo inolvidable en un hermoso país!

We entered Mexico on January 22nd, 2020 from Arizona. Apart from a one-month detour to French Polynesia, we spent the time in this country that has grown very dear to us.

Our stay in Mexico is drawing to a close and we feel sadness. And unlike in the past, we’re not looking forward to our stay in Switzerland to the same extent. This has mainly to do with the virus. When we read and hear what’s going on in this matter, we sometimes ask ourselves whether the measures are not being exaggerated! (If toilet paper is not bought in advance, then Echinaforce.)

We have seen how sensibly this «Pandemic» is being handled in Tahiti and Mexico. Now we dread what to expect at home. Fortunately, we can look forward to friends and family. (We hope that we will be received at home with an «abrazo» and not with a mask!)

PS. Thanks to everyone who made our stay in Mexico so pleasant! Last but not least the tomcat, Divertido, which we left behind with Charly with a heavy heart …