20. November 2018


Nothing that couldn't be treated!

Travel also means that you have to clarify and organize many things in advance. On the third day after our arrival in Belem we had organized the most important, concerning the onward journey. For example, the ship transport from Belem to Macapa, the visit to the Space Center in Kourou and also the stay in Cayenne, the capital of French Guyana. Now we had time to have a look at Belem. Especially the famous market Ver-o-Peso.

This market is located on the banks of the Parà. It got his name from the then colonial rulers, the Portuguese. Here was the main post of the tax collector, who made sure that the goods are cleared in accordance with the rules and the state receives income. Ver-o-Peso means seeing and weighing. And the tax collectors did exactly that.

Everything is available in this busy market. Here Para- and Cashew-Nuts are sold in 50 kg bags. Guinea pigs, ducks and mices are sold at a stall nearby. Budgerigars, who sit in small cages are used to the constant noise level of the market are still chirping happily. At another stall, women are offering tinctures to heal wounds or help men get a better erection. They were after me especially, but I pointed to Brigitta and said: «Eu tenho uma jovem esposa.»

But we did not want to give up delicious fruit juice, full of vitamins. We drank seven different kinds, pressed from mostly unknown fruits for us and saved us so the lunch! After a few hours we made our way back to the hotel. With 500 grams of Para and Cashew nuts each and a beautiful necklace – but without Viagra!