USA – Southwest

Texas is the federal state, which has the second largest area and the most counties in the United States. It is bordered to the south by Mexico. Texas can be divided into three different climate zones: a zone determined by dry continental climate in the west, a subtropical zone in the south and a maritime to moderately subtropical zone in the east

New Mexico is a state in the southwestern United States. It is characterized by its location on a plateau. From the east the terrain rises flat from the prairies of the High Plains. The southwest of the state is part of the Chihuahua Desert. From the northwest, the Colorado Plateau towers over to New Mexico, and to the north, the southernmost parts of the Rocky Mountains reach to Santa Fe. The drought characterizes the landscape in the plain as in the mountains.

Colorado is located in the western to central parts of the US, is criss-crossed by the Rocky Mountains and with a mean height of 2073 meters, the highest state of the United States. Its name comes from the Colorado River, which is so called because of the reddish (Spanish: colorado) mud it carries with it.

Utah The capital is Salt Lake City and the Salt-Lake-Temple is the center of the “Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” commonly called “Mormons”. In Utah there is an extreme steppe climate, there are relatively hot summers and cold, snowy winters. The region around SLC (1350 m) is a popular winter sports area; In 2002, the Winter Olympics were held here.
(Source: Wikipedia)