11. July 2020


Dressed for the Candy Tour!

There are interesting members in Charly’s motorcycle group: There is Mike who runs a good restaurant and hotel in Puerto Vallarta. (Currently closed due to Corona!). Udo is the owner of a catering company that is also currently closed. Rigo is the owner of Dulces Providencia SA, a company that produces sweets in highest quality. (It comes as no surprise that I immediately thought of a company tour!)

Rigoberto quickly smelled the rat and invited us for a visit. It had to be moved a few times (Corona!); but on July 7th 2020 it worked. At eight we drove with Charly to San Miguel el Alto, where Dulces Providencia SA is at home. After being greeted by Rigo and his son, Eric, the doors to paradise were opened!

First of all, we had to dress in protective suits in which we looked like astronauts! The first thing I saw were large vats with a light brown mass. It was caramel. CARAMEL! (I love Caramel above all!) I immediately promoted myself to Responsible for Quality Control and told the production manager that I would have to cost everything that is produced here: Caramel sticks, roasted almonds, coconut biscuits and other delicacies. (A miracle that I still had an appetite when Rigo invited us for lunch!)

PS. After the meal we were said goodbye with a big bag of sweets. That made it easier for me to be expelled from paradise! More sweets at: Dulces Providencia