24. May 2020


Mhmmmm! Ursula with her Masterpiece!

Yesterday we learned from a friend, who now lives in Colombia, that the border to Colombia will not be opened until the end of August 2020. (We are lucky that we were prepared for a longer wait and found two places where we feel at home!)

During the week twice it smells at Charly’s of fresh bread. On Wednesday and Saturday Charly bakes bread for his customers and for us stranded Swiss. (At the moment there are six of us; Reto and Susanne flew home two days ago.) Yesterday, however, a different scent wafted through the bakery. One who announces Sunday. It’s the smell of freshly baked braid! What is a Sunday without braid for us Swiss German?

This was also the opinion of Ursula and Markus from the Emmental, where the braid on Sunday is as natural as a good meringue with whipped cream. They took over the making of the dough and Charly provided his bakery and oven. What an experience when we took the golden yellow braids out of the oven. Mmmhhhhhhh!

PS: We wish everyone a nice Sunday!