15. June 2020


Such a Delicacy!

After two weeks we said goodbye to Roberto, Toncha y Leon, his two cats and Pobrecito, the young dog. We passed Guadalajara on the Periférico in a wide arc; the traffic was heavier than last time. Even if the worst in Mexico has not yet been overcome, the measures are being relaxed here. A lockdown for a long time is impossible here. The Mexicans take the situation not serious enough, even if the government asks people to wear masks.

After four hours we arrived at Charly’s, where we parked Mahangu in the shade of a tree. At the moment, only Ursula and Markus from Emmental are here. (This gives me the opportunity to speak Bernese German with them!) Ursula surprised us on the first evening with one of my (many) favorite menus: Fillet in Dough! This delicacy was accompanied by a fresh garden salad and a Cabernet Malbec from Baja California. Bon appétit!

PS: We don’t miss anything in Mexico; but nothing at all! Ursula baked a zucchini cake for dessert! (Unfortunately, she did crème brulee during our absence – smile!)