10. January 2021


Just a few minutes old!

We travel the Etosha National Parc for the first time in the rainy season. That – and the fact that Covid 19 is up to mischief in Europe – ensure that the park is only visited by a few tourists. You almost feel a bit left alone! We eat every evening in one of the NRW camps so that the employees have something to do and not just stand around until evening comes.

Now, during the rainy season, the pregnant antelopes give birth to their young. We got to see many springboks accompanied by their recently born offspring. It is a pleasure to see the youngsters make their first leaps!

We met zebras with thick, pregnant bellies. «It won’t be long before a baby is born», Brigitta said to me. She was right! Half an hour later we saw a female zebra lying on the track in front of us. Next to it was a baby that had just been born – what an experience!

PS. We watched the newly born zebra try to get up. After falling over a few times, it finally stood on shaky legs. Half an hour later it stalked after its mother …