8. June 2020


Enjoying a Night Cap!

We have been on the road for almost three years now and have since long got used to travel. It is easy to forego luxury if you exchange it for beautiful landscapes and experiences! But what is luxury? For us it’s a shower; and we are currently enjoying it. Four weeks ago, Roberto installed regaderos (showers). After a morning dip in the pool, the water has around 40° C, we like to refresh ourselves at the shower. And in the evening, we wash away dust and sweat. (Currently the temperature is around 40° C during the day, almost thirty degrees more than we had in northern Canada last summer …)

The virus forced us to make an «Emergency landing» and a longer stay in Mexico. But boredom does not arise. Brigitta is currently editing the wedding film from Namibia, where we got married almost twenty years ago. She plays the indian flute or with the cats, patches this and that or fixes a hole in the mosquito net. (Mosquitoes hardly bother us at the moment, but this can change in the rainy season that is just around the corner.)

During the day we watch the birds with our binoculars. I do the laundry, the washing, write posts and keep the diary up-to-date – I do a lot of things just nothing with tools! When the work is done, we read. If we are tired, we relax in the hammocks and rock back and forth in the shade of the trees. In the evening we sit at the table by candle light and enjoy a shot of Rum from Guatemala…

PS. When we hear about the «New reality» in Switzerland after the Corona disaster we are more than happy to be here. The virus is avoiding us. Or we are avoiding it!