20. April 2020


Fresh Croissants from the Freezer!

In a situation like the current one, where the corona virus also brings travelers to a standstill, it is very important not to forget to laugh. According to the motto «A Tequila a day, keeps the virus away», Charly and I enjoy one or the other every day. Who can be surprised that sooner or later we come up with some fun. So a few days ago! Charly took Urs on the scoop because of his charred croissants. He said that we both can do better. Charly promised to bake together with me some fresh croissants for everyone until the next morning. Said and done.

We immediately made our way to Charly’s bakery. There he reached into the freezer and took out thirteen frozen croissants. Then we both dusted ourselves with flour and went back to the table. We looked like real bakers! Charly said: «The preparatory work has been done; tomorrow at 8 a.m. there will be fresh croissants». They were thawed until the next morning. I proudly presented it on a baking sheet dusted with flour …

PS: Maybe one or the other actually believed that we had freshly baked the croissants. What is certain, however, is that we all laughed well!