15. September 2020


Independence Day of Mexico!

On September 16, Mexico celebrates its Independence Day and commemorates the day on which in 1810 the priest Miguel Hidalgo called for a rebellion against the Spaniards. The «Cry of pain» (Grito de Dolores) is celebrated across the country. The biggest celebrations take place in the capital, Mexico City. Coincidence has it that we will be on the journey from Veracruz to Mexico City this day, in order to get on board, the KLM plane that will carry us on a night flight to Amsterdam.

But the festivities for Mexico’s Independence Day start the day before. (Mexicans also know how to build bridges when there is something to celebrate.) This day is celebrated with lots of flags and fireworks – just like in Switzerland on August 1st. But above all with a lot of beer and tequila. We have to hold back, because on the streets of Mexico 0.0% applies when it comes to alcohol while driving. But that is hardly controlled; and when we see how the Mexicans put a few drinks away that is probably also very illusory!

PS. We celebrate the Independence Day on September 15th in Veracruz. Together with many Mexicans and Italians who are based here. Viva Mexico!