22. March 2020


Our Four-legged Roommates on Guard!

On Friday, March 20, 2020, a loudspeaker car drove into the valley where our Balneario was located. We didn’t understand everything. Roberto told us that all restaurants, schools, events and churches will be closed for five days to avoid large crowds gathering together. (This also applies to the churches here!)

The next day Roberto received a visit from the police, who checked whether the Balneario was closed – as it was prescribed. (Roberto anticipated this request the day before.) He explains to the two police officers that two Gringos from Switzerland are here. From that day on we have the Balneario to ourselves. No, there are also the two young kittens that Brigitta feeds every day. Roberto tells us that we can stay as long as we want. There is no better place to sit out the virus. We have supplies for a few weeks on board. And we can also stock up on water and beer at Robertos place. Venceremos!

PS: In the meantime, the restrictions have been extended until April 18, 2020 – beyond the “Semana Santa”, which is as important here as Christmas. The Mexicans won’t be happy …