16. October 2019


Brrrrhhhh! Below 0° C in our car!

In the meantime, we have become accustomed to the fact that our pre-heating system doesn’t always work if it should. For example, when it’s cold like at the moment.

However, we have also learned to deal with this situation. In the evening, we wrap ourselves warm when we sit in the car. The gas stove on which Brigitta cooks adds extra heat. And when we (early) crawl into the sleeping bags, we do it with long underwear, fleece hat and hand warmer, which we put in our bed socks. So, you can sleep deeply and peacefully – until the next morning.

Then it is even colder inside the car than the evening before. Not infrequently, the thermometer shows 0 ° C; a sure sign that it fell below zero degrees at night. All you touch is icy cold: underwear, shirt, jacket and shoes. How nice would it be to rise in a tempered interior! Meanwhile, I have developed a technique that allows me to slip into a warm undershirt. How? Quite simply: Brigitta, who is still in her sleeping bag, takes it in for a few minutes in her arms before I put it on.

PS. In the meantime Bruce, in Salt Lake City, has fixed the damage and the heating is working again. The filter for the diesel supply was blocked! (Now I know how to change it!)

(Written in the State Garage, Salt Lake City, Utah)