Travel planning

On this page, travelers will find important information for planning their trip. We have checked the links to the best of our knowledge and made sure that they are up-to-date. However, we cannot assume any responsibility for the links.

We have deliberately refrained from listing overnight places because we believe that finding a suitable place is part of the trip. And what is a nice and suitable place for one is not for the other by far. More information about overnight accommodation can be found on the App iOverlander.

We will be happy to provide you with specific information about the countries we have visited, if you send us an e-mail. However, the answer may take some time because we depend on a WiFi connection. We recommend that you read a travel guide for planning your trip: Lonely Planet, Bradt, Travel KnowHow etc. Also you should not do without the purchase of good road maps (travel know-how). These are easier to obtain in Europe than abroad.

Have fun planning your trip. Even if it is said that anticipation is the most beautiful thing, the really beautiful thing follows once you are on the journey!

Gute Reise
Bon voyage
Safe journey
Buen viaje

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