6. July 2020


Apprentice at Work!

No master has yet fallen from the sky. It takes four years of apprenticeship to become a good baker. And I’m only in the second year of my apprenticeship! But I have a very good teacher: Charly. He has all the patience it takes to teach somebody with two left hands.

Charly and I bake bread twice a week. (It is no coincidence that I put Charly first!) At 7.30 a.m. we meet in the bakery. I usually come a little earlier to make points! Then we weigh the flour – I can already do that. Charly mixes the yeast with water, adds sugar, while I mix the flour with salt by hand.

Next I get the batter out of the fridge. Everything is put together in the large dough bowl that has to be inserted into the dough machine. I am challenged, but after a few tries I usually succeed. Then the lever of the dough mixer is switched to level 1 and the green button is pressed. This works well if the lever is at level 1. But not if it is at level 2, which I ignored. (I’m still an apprentice!)

When I pressed the green button on level 2, what happened had to happen. The flour was thrown into the air! I was standing in the dough powder and looked like a snowman afterwards …

PS. Charly once again showed patience. He helped me clean the bakery. In return, I invited my teacher to a Campari Soda.