15. March 2020


Topic No. 1 Worldwide!

The Corona Virus is currently the number one topic worldwide. There is even talk of this in Mexico. And that’s amazing in a country where 35,000 (!) people were murdered last year! In addition, the risk of being brought to the hereafter by a corrupt police officer or the drug mafia is higher than being carried away by the virus.

One of the recommendations of the WHO is not to shake hands and do without abrazos – the latter is very difficult for the Mexicans! Another is that you should not stay in large crowds. So best where there are few people and lots of nature! For example, in the Balneario Hervores, which was on our way to Guadalajara.

Roberto, the owner of the Balneario on the Rio Patitos was happy when two Swiss drove up with their Toyota. «!Que linda máquina!» is mostly the first thing Mahangu hears! We picked a nice place under shady trees and installed ourselves for the night. Then we made our way to the large pool, which is filled with 30 ° C warm water. The next morning at 7 am, we went to the smaller one, which is nicely embedded in the landscape. Hummingbirds buzzed around us as we sat in the 45 ° C hot water and saw the day wake up…

PS: We have heard that hot water is not beneficial to the corona virus. If so, there is no danger for us as we are currently traveling from hot spring to hot spring …