Traveling, reisen, voyager, viajar, viaggiare, caminhar …

Globetrotting is in our blood. How else can one explain that we met and fell in love in the Caribbean, cemented our relationship during a journey through Australia, got married in Namibia, spent our honeymoon traveling in a 4×4 through Argentina and Chile and went on board a Russian icebreaker and travelled from Ushuaia to Antarctica. But all of this was just a prelude compared to our trip around the world from 2006 – 2013.

True, traveling is not just about education; it is also a virus that infected both of us! And it is still within us! That’s why we decided on another, longer trip: the Bucket List Tour!

Brigitta, 1963

Hobbies: traveling, scuba diving, photography and (lucky Paul) cooking
Responsibilities: mechanic, navigator, photographer and webmaster

Paul, 1945

Hobbies: traveling, writing, reading and scuba diving. And, of course, fine dining, drinking and smoking (Vega Fina).
Responsibilities: driver, author, assistant to the mechanic and cook

March 17th, 2020:  In the heart of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico