Travel Companions

Have you ever wondered if we also have mascots on our travels? But of course, and even some travel companions. Let me introduce you briefly:

Our black and white cow, which always reminds us where we come from. She accompanied us around the world and safely brought us back to Switzerland.

Our walrus, which we have received from our friend Stefani as an accompaniment on the honeymoon to the Antarctic. (Yes, she knows there are no walruses in the Antarctic). And since then Wali is always traveling with us.Mahang-Muh and Wali are best friends and inseparable.

Pingu Bear 
Pingu-Bear was given to us by Kathy from Utah as a reminder to an unforgettable trip we shared to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. In the north it becomes a bear – in the south it becomes a penguin 😊

He (or is it a she?) has been with us since visiting Salt Lake City. The swift chipmunk prefers to sit with Paul at the steering wheel and press the windshield wiper.