1965:  (Paul) First Journey with a VW Bus around the Meditteranean. After an engin breakdown we had to turn around at the Red Sea to reach Switzerland with the last pennies in our pocket …

1973 – 1974:  (Paul) First journey through Africa with my brother and 2 LandRovers. We travelled through North-, West- and Central Africa to Kenya which was the turning point. The way back home through Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and around the Mediterranean.

1978 – 1979:  (Paul) Second journey through Africa with a 4 x 4 Toyota through Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and the Sudan.

1987-1988:  (Brigitta) Studied for several months in Jacksonville, Florida and Berkley, California before travelling for a year through the United States of America (including Hawaii) and part of the Bahamas.

1993 – 1994:  We have travelled and dived the whole Caribbean as crew members and diving instructors on the catamaran Extaxi.

1994 – 1996:  Our first journey together through Australia, Tasmania and whole Southern Africa with an Mitsubishi Pajero.

2001:  Our (Wedding-) trip through Argentina and Chile with our Mitsubishi Pajero, incl. a side trip to Antarctica on a Russian icebreaker.

2006 – 2013 – Circumnavigation:  We traveled for 2’573 days around the world with our Toyota HZJ78 (which we named Mahangu) and covered on this epic journey over 280’000 kilometers.

2017 – ????:  Early October 2017 we started our Bucket List Tour. Of course, with our proven travel vehicle the HZJ78. We don’t know yet for how long. The great affair is to move.