18. October 2019


Witches travel in Style!

It seems true what Kathy told us: Halloween is almost more important in the States than Christmas. Wherever you go now, you see yellow pumpkins. In the street. In the garden. In the house. Just everywhere. On October 31st is the highlight! (Until then we are already in Arizona – but they are celebrating Halloween as well!)

I cannot do anything with Halloween, but nothing at all. But that didn’t protect me from having to go to a Halloween party with Kathy and Brigitta. My refusal to disguise ended up with a merlin beanie for the sake of peace. (Yuck, yuck, I hope nobody sees me, I thought!)

Kathy and Brigitta, however, came in a great Halloween outfit. I almost did not recognize the two witches as we climbed into a white Rolls Royce! Rolls Royce? Yes! Bruce, a friend of Kathy’s, bought this car many years ago. Sitting in the soft leather upholstery gives you the feeling that you belong to the Royal Family. Very, very, very British!

PS. Halloween: This tradition was originally widespread in Catholic Ireland. The Irish immigrants in the US cultivated their Celtic customs in memory of their homeland and expanded them. (Source: Wikipedia)

(Written in Salt Lake City, Utah)