29. February 2020


Crossing the Sea of Cortez

We will be remembered the time on the Baja California very well. On the one hand there were the great landscapes, the old mission stations and of course the food. We have rarely eaten as much good fish and seafood as here! However, the most impressive experience was the encounters with the whales and whale sharks. And the days when we saw the sun rising from the sea early in the morning, still being in our sleeping bag …

On Friday, February 28, 2020, we boarded a ferry in Pichilingue that was to take us to Topolobampo in seven hours. Good thing we had enough time to get the tickets – the organization at the port left a lot to be desired …

We stayed on deck until the sun sank into the sea as a red fireball. We spent the rest of the time in the common room. Here, as in the on-board restaurant, the television ran at full volume. (We are always amazed at what kind of crap flickers across the screen here!)  It was dark when we arrived in Topolobampo on the mainland at 9:30 p.m. A few kilometers further we found a place to stay that Brigitta had found via iOverlander. In no time the roof tent was set up and we slipped into the sleeping bags, dead tired.

PS: On the crossing we didn’t get much to see except a flock of flying fish. We had secretly hoped that whales would emerge from the floods again.