3. October 2017

Travel to the North and Baltic Sea

When we went to the office of Hamburg Süd on 20.9.2017 and picked up our tickets for the trip to Montevideo, we got informed that the Grande Amburgo would not arrive before October 13th according to the latest ship-data. This was no surprise, as we know from earlier experiences that ships are never on time.

After an unforgettable evening in the Elbphilharmonie and a few days we spent together with good friends in Hamburg we started to discover Schleswig-Holstein and the north of Germany. When will we have the opportunity again to do so? Via Brunsbüttel, where we admired the giant locks that regulate the access to the North Sea-Baltic-Channel, we headed for Flensburg. We drove only short distances and – lucky us – always found an open campsite in the evening; some already close at the end of September.

For a whole day we drove through the largest cabbage-growing area in Europe. White and red cabbage as far as the eye can see. At one of the many farmstalls we bought everything we needed for a good vegetable soup and at the same time provide us with necessary vitamins. On the way north, we passed through a bird sanctuary, where thousands of Barnacle geese – coming from Siberia – make their intermediate stop. As soon as the geese landed in the grass they stopped with their chatter and devoted themselves to eating.

In Husum we turned inland towards the Baltic Sea. Flensburg received us with sunshine and blue sky so we decided to spend some time in the harbor and the beautiful old town. In Langballigau we experienced to stay at a really large campsite. Large means up to 800 (!) campervans stretching their satellite dishes into the sky. Unfortunately, the place was already half under water and therefore really muddy. We searched for a reasonable place and made the best of the situation but were glad to continue the next day. Via Eckernförde we reached Kiel. And close by Brigitta found a campsite that seemed to be made for us. Small, clean and located directly at the “Kieler Förde”. Daily dozens of giant ships coming from the North-Baltic-Sea channel cruise in front of us direction the open sea. By cruising through this channel, they shorten the distance between the two seas immensely; no wonder it is the busiest channel in the world.

We remain some more days on this camp site before we are heading to Rügen and Saxon Switzerland. But before that we will have a look at the city Lübeck. There the company Niederegger produces a delicacy I love about everything else: Marzipan!

Would like more? We made a Clip of our visit to the Elbphilharmonie.