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Zitat W. Bush Postit

After 2'573 days, when we crossed the Rhine River and therefore the Swiss border on 21 September 2013 at Diepoldsau an unforgettable journey lay behind us. It took us close to 280'000 kilometers and through 63 countries around our planet. Forever we will keep beautiful memories and many impressive encounters with people from other cultures we have learned a lot from them.

As we crossed on September 3rd, 2006 in Geneva the border of Switzerland and entered France, our journey had finaly started. Three years of preparation, some stressful final weeks and many (tearful) goodbyes with family and friends were behind us. But we were very excited and delighted about the time and the journey which lay now before us - no matter how long it would take.

The one who wants to travel with us around the world, can download our richly illustrated travel reports (in German only!) from our shop. They tell in an very entertaining way what we have experienced on this trip.

And they make you want to take a trip yourself ...

+ Brigitta Böhlen Jüni
in Switzerland



Our e-book to the journey
(in German)

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