13. June 2019


On the Appalachian Trail

We are not born wayfarers and our element is more the water. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know a few trails in Switzerland. For example the Eiger Trail, which we have already hiked in part. Or the one from Sunnbüel, above Kandersteg, up to the Gemmi Pass. Or the 5-lake hike in the Pizol area.

But that’s nothing against the Appalachian Trail. This one leads from Maine through fourteen US states and over 2.200 miles (3’500 km) to Georgia. In Pennsylvania, it leads for the majority over stony terrain. But as a Swiss, that did not scare us. Early in the morning, on June 11th, we put on our hiking boots, strapped a bag around our shoulders and off we went. We crossed a river with crystal clear water. And then we were on the famous Appalachian Trail, surrounded by rhododendron bushes, ferns and mighty trees. From far away we heard the knock of a woodpecker working a tree.

It was a sunny morning and we were not the only ones wandering. But we were sure, those who went over the shortest distance: 2 .2 miles or just one-thousandth of the trail. What we saw made us to want more. But we didn’t like very much that during this half-hour walk we met half a dozen wayfarers with big backpacks and hiking sticks! How does this have to be in the holiday season?

But then, we are no longer in Pennsylvania but in Newfoundland and Labrador. There will certainly be fewer hikers on the way than here!