26. February 2018

Attention: Armadillo!


Since wearing an armadillo on the Ruta Cuarenta that did not know which side to dodge, I carried myself with a guilty conscience. Brigitta had so much wanted to see an armadillo. And now I presented her a dead one! I decided to make amends. At least for Brigitta, because the dead driven armadillo I could not bring back to life even with best intensions!

When we turned off the paved RN 3 and followed the natural road along the coast between Puerto San Julian and Puerto Deseado, I knew we were in an area where there are armadillos. So I kept my eyes open and reduced the speed to 60 km / h. It took exactly half an hour and I saw one of these cute animals on the edge of the runway. Immediately I stepped on the brake pedal! Brigitta was already jumping out of the car when it was still moving – armed with her Nikon D7100. And then I saw something I’ll never forget in life! I saw Brigitta jumping behind the armadillo and trying to get it in front of the lens. At the fifth animal, which we saw on that day, she succeeded.

Would like to see more? Have a look at our Clip.