29. July 2019


Beautiful Newfoundland

The weather alone could not have been the reason that we toured this island for almost a month. But it was better than we expected. Six days without rain is the exception here. And we had that on the way to St. Barbe, where on July 26th, 2019 we take the ferry to Blanc Sablon, which lies on Labrador.

The trip from the Bonavista Peninsula up here spoiled us once more with beautiful landscapes. Or with lovely fishing villages like Trinity. There were also some museums that interested us. One about Geology in St. John’s, one about boatbuilding in Winterton, another one about seal hunting in Elliston.

Now that we know more about the seal hunting and the sealers, the meaning about them has changed for the better. Seal hunting was an extremely dangerous job and one that allowed fishermen to earn an income if they could not live off fishing. Once again it became clear that it is always good to know both sides of the coin. Since seal hunting is banned, they become a big problem. In these waters soon 10 million seals are said to be around. And they eat fish …

PS: For a few days I am doing more sports again and am a member of the Canadian Club! (A good Canadian whiskey!)