8. July 2019


Bird Watching in Cape St. Mary

We travel because we are fascinated by foreign countries and cultures but also other landscapes. Born in Switzerland, we are fascinated by the expanse of the sea. But also endless forests and prairies as they can be found in Sibiria and North America. Not to mention the big game of Africa.

In recent years, however, we have also found more and more pleasure in small things. For example, for birds. Birdwatching is something for which we like to take one or the other detour. So also on our first day on Newfoundland. After leaving the ferry, we followed the coast on the Avalon Peninsula. We passed neat fishing villages and in front of a nursery a blackboard was reading: CANADA IS ALREADY GREAT! (The Newfoundlanders are famous for their humor!)

One hour later, we reached the Bird Sanctuary at Cape St Mary, one of the most spectacular and accessible seabird colony in North America. 70’000 seabirds are buzzing here in the air. Or they breed like now. We dressed warmly, grabbed our binoculars and made our way to the big rock that floats like a balcony over the sea. Unbelievable, what we got to see! It felt like snowflakes dancing through the blue sky. (This region is wrapped into fog for two hundred days a year – but not this day!)