28. October 2019


Sculptured by Wind and Rain!

We had seen many beautiful landscapes and parks in the last few days and wondered if we wanted to see the Bryce Canyon with its 145 km2 as well. Almost three million visitors poured in in 2018. Do we want to be part of it?

We consoled ourselves that November is coming soon and the days are getting shorter and, above all, colder. This will certainly prevent many visitors from visiting. We thought! But when we got to the entrance which was lined by Subway, McDonalds, Wendy, and other fast-food outlets, we were taught a lesson! The ranger did not laugh when I told him, while showing our passports for the US National Parks, «Oh, I thought we are the only visitors here! » 

We managed to find a few lookouts, where you don’t see big SUVs, 42 feet long camping vehicles and over weighted tourists in shorts and white sneakers but also nature sights. One thing is certain: A visit to this park is still worthwhile. But not in the high season. Then we would have turned around at the entrance. Not much was missing now …

PS. Once again, it came to our minds what a National Park Ranger told us: “ We have to start protecting our parcs from too many visitors!”

(Written at a Laundromat, in Kanab, Utah)