3. August 2018

Finally vacation!

Enjoying South-Tirol in Italy

Most people think that you are on vacation if you travel – as we currently do. Only those who have traveled themselves for a long time know that traveling is not a vacation; and that you have to take holidays from time to time. We used my niece’s wedding and my father-in-law’s birthday to fly for three weeks to Switzerland to go on vacation.

In Alsace – where one eats and drinks like God in France – we celebrated the wedding of my godchild. Together with many young, pretty Frenchmen, who are part of the couple’s circle of friends. It was a good mix as it turned out. How else would it have happened that we danced with peoples who are twenty to forty years younger until four o’clock in the morning? These were two unforgettable days in the circle of people who could have been our children or grandchildren!

Travelers never keep it in the same place for too long. So it was not surprising that we did not celebrate the 80th birthday of my father-in-law in Switzerland. We did that extensively in South Tyrol, in a beautiful hotel, in beautiful surroundings and with perfect weather:  Hotel Royal Hinterhuber

We will use the remaining days until our departure on the 12th of August 2018 to visit our friends who are living around Zurich. We are looking forward to that and the special dishes we are treated with! (We can lose weight again when we are back on the journey – smile!)