5. November 2018


Sun, Fun and Fruit Juices

If Brazil is famous for something, then for three things: Beautiful women, Caipirinhas and Praias (beaches). As for the first, you have to make big compromises! Not every Brazilian is a Gisele Bundchen or a carnival dancer! In the case of the Caipirinhas the image is correct. And for the beaches as well.

On our drive north we passed praias, where thousands of coconut palms sway in the wind. Behind it the sea shimmered turquoise blue. The temptation was great to stop at every beach. But the day on which our visa for Brazil expires, comes closer and closer. And only a few days’ journey away was our destination: Praia da Pipa. A fishing village until the seventies. Then this place – like Jericoacoara or Canoa Quebrada – was discovered by surfers. And so the development took a different direction. Today Praia da Pipa is a charming town with 6’500 inhabitants and many kite- and other surfers.

Praia da Pipa has kept its charm. Even the campsite above the cliffs, hasn’t had to make room for a hotel complex. It was our home for five nights. The days we spent at Praia do Amor, a surf beach for advanced. Our beach day began with drinking a coconut verde gelada. This was followed by a freshly squeezed mango juice. And in the afternoon we sipped a Caipirinha. In between, we watched pretty (!) Brazilian women, who promenaded in their Fil de dente along the beach; or refreshed us in the waves. So one day passed into the other – we liked them all. Just like the drinks …