4. December 2019


Getting inspired by the Saguaros!

The Indians saw in the Saguaro cactus their deceased relatives who had to be taken care of. However, there was not much missing and the Saguaros, like many other living things, were exterminated by the white man.

Luckily, they created habitats in good time in which the Saguaros can grow undisturbed. Outside Tucson, two national parks were established in 1994 to protect this unique cactus: Saguaro East and Saguaro West. Today it can be said that this is a success story.

Saguaros can live to be 200 years old and up to twelve meters tall. Only at the age of thirty to forty years – when they are about three meters high – they begin to produce the first flowers. And only when the cactus is between sixty and seventy years old, it develops its typical arms, which give it its special appearance.

A Saguaro produces approx. 20 million of seeds in his lifetime, but only one of it grows into a stately Saguaro. Many seeds are eaten by birds, washed away by the rain or dried up. And then there are vandals that do damage to the cactus…

PS. We spent three memorable days in the middle of Saguaros and were protected by them during this time. Thanks a lot!