10. April 2019


Long and longer

On 31st March 2019 we crossed the Rio Grande near Ojinaga. On the other side, we were in the US; more specifically in Texas. In the first town, Presidio, we bought vegetables and fruits that we were not allowed to import from Mexico. Apart from a gas station and the supermarket, there was nothing to see here. But Presidio was not our goal. Our destination was the Big Bend Ranch State Park.

The FM 177, one of the more beautiful routes, took us east along the Rio Grande. We drove the road in the most beautiful evening light and experienced why it is equally loved by Harley Davidson and RV drivers. We stayed two days in the park, at our place by the river. Not that we particularly liked it – the water of the Rio Grande has a greyish color! But we wanted to prepare for the journey through this part of the States. And so the two days in this park were very convenient for us.

The following day we drove via Lajitas and Terlingua, a Ghost Town to Study Butte. Here we came across an RV Park where RVs the size of dinosaurs stood. And these big RVs tow in the back a 4×4 larger than ours. These monsters are driven by two (!) people, who are seventy to eighty years old.

As the Texans say: Everything is bigger in Texas!